Thursday, 29 January 2015

Our Class Decoration!

2015 SST Classroom Decoration Competition

Class: S401       Form Teacher: Mr Quek Yin Kang/ Ms Chua Wee Nee

Submitted by: Valence Leung (Class Chairperson) , Gabriel Leong (Class Vice Chairperson) , Meredith Teo (Class Welfare Rep.)

Class Theme:
Ohana Means Family and Family Means No One Gets Left Behind

Class Mission:
To work together as a class to bring excellence in a holistic education

Class Goals:
We strive to be creative, critical thinkers who are committed to excellence in life.

Class Code of Conduct:
- Enjoy the process of learning
- Punctuality + Informing more promptly if one is going to be late/ absence from school
- Only one person talk at a time
- Be responsible for self
- Be positive towards challenges

Recycled Materials used:
Overlapping newspaper as noticeboard background
Twine string from last year
Origami paper from last year
Tape from last year
Rough paper to print the images used
Markers from last year
Extra construction paper from last year
thumbtacks from last year
Short write-up about class decoration:

We decided to incorporate wolves and moons into our class deco design as wolves are well known to be pack animals who are united and loyally follow a pack leader, and are most often pictured howling towards the moon.

In our case, we have taken ourselves as wolves in a pack, following our pack leader, Mr Quek, showing our dedication to our teachers as we follow them with loyalty and respect, that all teachers deserve. We decided to centralise our pack leader as Mr Quek since he is our form teacher, and also the teacher closest to our hearts. This also emphasises on our class theme, ‘Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind’. Thus, we will improve as a pack, and grow together, as a pack.

The noticeboard at the back of the class a border formed by circular “Three-Oh-One” images and wolf-heads of differing colour. The wolf heads are formed from little individual triangles. Each of the triangles represent each one of us in 4-01 as an individual, and the wolf-head symbolises our unity, enveloping the triangles. The “Three-Oh-One” images are to remind us of our heritage and past so that, while we continue to work hard and strive for excellence, we do not forget our humble beginnings. It also serves to remind us of how far we have come and of all that we have achieved, so we know to continue on and never give up. In the centre of the noticeboard is our class “S401” image, with a larger version of the wolf-head in the middle. This, again, reinforces our class spirit and unity. Above the wolf head a quote that goes "For the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf." This quote perfectly captures the essence of our class, showing our united and supportive nature.

We have also decided to use the purple emoji moon rather than the generic moon as this would make our classroom seem less formal and more of a place for fun learning, which we think is the most conducive environment for learning. Furthermore, the emoji moon is also an inside joke that all of our classmates can relate to, thus uniting us through humor.

Also, there are memes placed on the notice boards that are humorous, but hold a deeper meaning of motivation. This would remind us to study harder and work towards our academic goals, whilst keeping the atmosphere light at the same time.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Welcome Back!

Dear S4-01,

A warm welcome back to class for the year of 2015.

We had our first form class last Friday and I am delighted to meet up with all of you.

A gentle reminder for all students to hand in the forms (given out to you on Fri) back to me tomorrow. Gabriel will assist me in the collection of the forms.

The forms are:
1) Medical Declaration Form
2) Edusave Form
3) Consent form for service learning trip to Peranakan Museum (5 Jan 2015)

In addition, for students who have yet to pass me your progress reports, please do so tomorrow.

Lastly, have a great weekend ahead!

Mr Quek